crow and frog

The Crow is probably the most recognized bird in America.  Highly intelligent, this bird is a force with which to be dealt.  The frog  often makes a nice meal for a crow.  Could it be that this frog has the upper hand in this scene?  Both the frog and the crow were carved from one piece of tupelo wood.  The base is a piece of white pine.  Into it, a relief carving depicts edge of a stream or pond.  A closer look reveals the print of a bear paw in the sand.  Many of  Nature’s great forces come together in this piece, telling a story in which the observer can draw his own conclusion.

This piece is currently on display and may be purchased from Asticou Connection, 1302 State Hwy 102, Bar Harbor, ME 04609. in the Village of Town Hill.      Tel-207-288-2400