About the Artist

Sue TalbotHaving been born and raised in Camden, Maine, I’ve been afforded the luxury of growing up in the bucolic setting of the woods, mountains, and the sea. Quiet observation of the flora and fauna throughout the changing seasons has always been a favorite leisure activity.

After graduating from college with a degree in commercial art, I owned and operated a garden center for twenty years. This exposed me to varied forms of plant life and brought to my attention their interconnection with animal life. During this time, I continued to explore different forms of creative expression: drawing, painting, stained glass, and jewelry.

On invitation, I took a weekend fly fishing course, which included instruction in fly tying. Tying my own flies exposed me to many different bird feathers and their colors, structure, strength, and purpose.

fly tying and feather tracts Shortly after I began fly tying, I started traveling to the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor, Maine, to learn the art of bird carving. All of my interests came together in this one art form and it completely captivated me. I learned as much as I could about bird carving through reading, working, talking with neighboring craftspeople, and studying with several world-class carvers.

With my work, I aspire not only to emulate the beauty of the subject, but to honor the spirit as well.

Here is a short video and article about my fly tying and bird carving from Bill Green’s Maine on WCSH 6 that aired in July, 2009.